Sunday, September 27, 2015


Met a young man in my building who saw me coming home from church carrying my board testimony. He wanted to read what it said. I told him about our board testimony service, and how he could watch it on Livestream.  I also invited him to come visit our church some time, and when I told him what church it was, he said he had been on the construction crew of its new building. He put the church's app on his phone, and said he was going to watch the service on Livestream right away.  Lord speak to his heart, overwhelm him with an outpouring of your love and grace, and draw him back to you if he has strayed.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Discovered that I can do data entry on my new computer while sitting on my bed with my back propped up and my feet up, and besides being much more comfy than sitting at my desk, it also goes much faster as I don't have to keep leaning forward after each entry to check off my tally sheet.


Went to the crafts store to return magnets I purchased that were too big.  Was going to buy more of the smaller ones and use the 40% off coupon they had given me with my original purchase. The cashier said the coupon wasn't good until tomorrow, so I went to put the package I was going to get back and buy a smaller one instead.  On the way to the rack, I saw a floor person standing there, and half kiddingly mentioned I couldn't believe I had driven all the way here from my town just to use a coupon that wasn't good until tomorrow. He told me they had online specials every day, and took time to look up what today's special was on his cell phone. It turned out to be 50%, which was even better, and he then had the cashier scan it off his phone so I wouldn't have to try and find it on mine.