Wednesday, December 23, 2015



For almost four years I tried every remedy I could think of to get rid of a very irritated spot on the inside of my thumb.  OTC lotions, prescription creams, essential oils.  Sometimes it looked as though it was starting to heal, but never beyond this point.

One day I was surprised to notice an unexpected change. Whether it was the effect of a new hand cream I was using or not I'll never know, but within a couple of weeks it had completely disappeared. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


My miracle geranium that got resurrected from the one small stem with a couple of unaffected leaves on it that I managed to salvage after the stinkbugs destroyed the rest of the plant several years ago, had been growing and flourishing until I brought it in from the balcony for the winter this year. 

Usually it does as well on the window sill as it does outside, but this time, its leaves started falling off, and all the buds dried up and died.  I couldn't figure out what happened.

Even though it looked like a goner, I kept watering it, always careful not to touch it lest even more leaves fall off. And then, suddenly, when I least expected it, new buds started to appear and it started thriving again.  A good reminder to never give up, because nothing is impossible with God.