Thursday, November 21, 2013


Yes, I did follow through on my intentions to look for things to be grateful for, even scribbled some notes on bits and pieces of paper, but procrastination got the best of me, and I never turned any of those notes into a post.

So what finally got me started?  This huge evidence of God's hand on my grandson's life.

A couple of days ago, said grandson turned 16, got his driver's license, and wrecked his van--all in the same day.

He was driving solo, when he swerved to avoid hitting a car in the middle of the road.  The van skidded and fell, hood first, into a creek about 10 feet off to the side.  Miraculously, by the grace of God, my grandson managed to walk away without a bump or a scratch.

In his own words, "God obviously had His hand in there.  I was completely airborne at one point and landed on the front of the car. It's physically impossible that my head didn't hit the airbag.  I could have been killed."

A day we will all remember, I'm sure.

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